Project Winter is a social deduction game entering its first beta test on Android

To survive, you must betray your friends

Project Winter is a social deduction game entering its first beta test on Android

Boltrend Games’ popular social deduction game Project Winter is finally being ported to mobile from PC, PlayStation, and Xbox for Android users. It has officially entered its first beta test and will be available on Google Play in the USA and Canada until January 20th.

Project Winter is an eight-person multiplayer game based on social deception and survival. Communication and teamwork are essential factors but also be aware that anyone could be the enemy and may betray you. Players assume one of two roles:

The first is of the Survivor, who must complete objectives to call in a rescue vehicle to escape and win the game. Their tasks include repairing objects to get the cabin radio functioning, breaking rocks, harvesting herbs, cutting trees to craft items, and exploring the map to find crates containing valuable items. Once the radio is fixed, survivors must request the emergency escape vehicle and board it with as many others as possible. However, they must keep an eye out for traitors as well.

As a Traitor, the player must sabotage all the survivors' escaped attempts without being identified or killed. Traitors will know who else is in their team and can communicate with them via a red radio. Special traitor crates contain traitor points that can be exchanged for special actions. Like vents in Among Us, Hatches will allow traitors to quick travel. They may also use traps, poison, and other tools to disrupt the survivors. Their goal is to blend in with the survivors and work from the shadows.

For survivors, teamwork is essential as lone travellers may get killed by traitors or hostile wildlife. They can communicate with each other via proximity-based voice chat, private channels, and text. Traitors must pretend to do the same but also plan how they will kill or hinder the survivors. The game can also be customized with purchasable cosmetics for in-game currency after each match.

Get ready to betray your friends by testing out Project Winter on Google Play. Note that once the game officially launches all progress will be wiped.

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