Pokemon Masters cheats, tips - First event Reach to the Top explained

Pokemon Masters cheats, tips - First event Reach to the Top explained

Everything you need to know to get Blue, complete the event

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Pokémon Masters launched last week to small success, as the blend of mobile gacha mechanics and RPG battling turns out to be a stellar formula to mix with the world's most popular gang of cute freaks, Pokémon.

Pokémon Masters is the kind of game many Pokémon fans have wanted for a long time, and although you need to fight through some microtransaction trapping and typical gacha guff, it's a good time. And now, Pokémon Masters is having its very first event.

Reach to the Top is the first event in Pokémon Masters, hosted by one of the series' most popular characters, Blue. Or Gary Oak, as you may remember him from the anime.

Blue is here to offer guidance, battle you, and perhaps even join your team if you impress him enough. The event will last for the next 26 days from the date this post is published, but many of the tips will carry over to events going forward.

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The new event basically acts as an extra story chapter for you to chew on, with new dialogue scenes, new battles, and of course, loads more rewards. More than enough to get you another sync-pair summon or two.

Blue is giving it the hard talk once again and challenges you to a fair few battles against his primary Pokémon, Pidgeot.

It's good for the story between the characters, as always, but what's best is the gems you'll be picking up along every step of the way. Harvest them and save them for summoning later.

Of course, there are a bunch of other challenges in addition to this story mode, as you'll see if you check the events section of the mission menu…

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Once more with co-op

Once you've cleared through the event by yourself, time to get some co-op partners. There are actually two unique battles just for playing in co-op mode with some online partners.

We mentioned checking the missions menu, and you should do that now, because there are actually dozens of missions and rewards you can get from simply replaying the co-op battles up to 20 times.

You'll earn special event tickets, and those can be exchanged in the store for coins, or far more fruitful prizes. If you want those rewards, best auto battle your way through the co-op missions with some very strong Pokémon prepared.

Get Blue in your team

Now, this is the big struggle. Blue is now available in sync-pair summons, but he's a pretty rare pull…

If you haven't cleared all of the available story missions, co-op missions, training mode missions, sync-pair conversations, and event missions already, do so now to get as many gems as possible to maximise your chances of pulling Blue.

This is unfortunately a massive gamble, because of course there's no guaranteed to pull Blue, but… good luck.

The future of Pokémon Masters events

Now that we have a Pokémon Masters event, we can quite safely assume what the future of events will look like.

A brand new, famous character from the series, a new story mode path, some co-op missions, and a whole bunch of event missions. Nothing to sniff at, given it's free extra content, and offers the rewards you want for further summons.

It's a little bit lacklustre though, and fingers crossed, they find a way to spice up events in the future.

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