iOS and Android updates this week - Card Thief, Batman: The Telltale Series, Asphalt Xtreme, and more

Update: More games added

iOS and Android updates this week - Card Thief, Batman: The Telltale Series, Asphalt Xtreme, and more
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Oh, hey! I didn't see you come in. It's that time again where we check out what updates have been floating about from the past week or so.

Be it new episodes of favourite games, a few tweaks for player experience, or totally new segments which revitalise older titles. There's a little bit of something for everyone.

Let's take a look, shall we?


Vainglory - iOS/Android

Vainglory got quite a massive update overnight so I'll just touch on the main bits. The autumn season has arrived in-game, offering up seasonal rewards and new ranking opportunities.

Aside from that, you've got new skins, new items/jungle strategies, UI improvements, Hero & Talent browsers, party matching, tutorial improvements, and my favourite of the lot: reduced toxicity.

Clash of Kings - iOS/Android

To celebrate CoK's three year anniversary we've got a few things happening. First, there's the first wave of an anniversary carnival. Next, you've got new technology called Ancestral Spirit where different civilisations have different sorts.

Finally, there's 'lucky dragon upgrade day'. Once triggered, this effect will will reduce the consumption of Magic Stones by 20% when upgrading your favourite, scaly pals.

Blossom Blast Saga - iOS/Android

Much like Jelly Saga below, in version 47.0.2 of Blossom Blast Saga there's been a whole bunch of new levels added to the game - 20, to be precise.

Fire Emblem Heroes - iOS/Android

This time around we've had a new Ally Support gameplay feature added, as well as an option to search for Heroes by skill, new options for the setting menu, and a way to view team names when picking your team. Tidy.

Photo source: Siliconera.

Pokemon Duel - iOS/Android

Pokemon Duel's got quite a whopper of an update this time around as rare, Shining Pokemon, Mega Evolutions, room match customisation, higher level caps, team-based matches, and Halls have been added.

Note, while the update is apparently live right now it hasn't yet shown up on its game pages, but it'll pop up soon.

Batman: The Telltale Series - iOS/Android

As with Telltale's previous series, Batman's followed suit and made its first episode totally free for you to get a taste of it. Aside from that, there's a scattering of the usual bug fixes and improvements.

Portal Walk - iOS

After a couple of weeks on the market, Portal Walk's been updated rather significantly as it's gotten a new boss, new world (Cursed Necropolis), new enemies, and control/gameplay improvements. Plus, the game releases on Android next week, so keep an eye out... or, y'know, let us do that for you.

Temple Run 2 - iOS/Android

Ahh, this one's nice and simple. With the changing of the seasons, and the urban call of workers on their way to grab their pumpkin spiced lattes, Temple Run 2's just got an autumn makeover. The leaves have changed colour as you can now play through the fall jungle and gather fall coins.

Asphalt Xtreme - iOS/Android

Aside from getting three new off-road cars to tear up in, you've also got a new place to ride them in the chilly Nepal mountain track. Take on Mastery challenges for each car, rank them up, and overclock your beastly machines to really get them going.

D&D Lords of Waterdeep - iOS/Android

The iOS version's gone through a rather basic change: "Fixed display of achievement progress. Fixed display of intrigue cards in game summary. Fixed flavor text on several cards." Couldn't have said it better myself.

Whilst the Android version... well, it came out. So that's a good start.

Silly Walks - iOS

Version 1.1's gone super-sized as we've now got ten new levels, one new boos in a Driveway theme, a Racing Mode with leaderboards, five new characters, and general improvements based on your guys' feedback.

Gummy Heroes - iOS/Android

So far this update's dropped on iOS, but it doesn't look like it's on Android just yet. In Gummy Heroes you've now got two new modes: Hardcore Mode and Endless Mode, as well as general bug fixes.

SimCity BuildIt - iOS/Android

If you've had to go back to school this week, SimCity BuildIt feels you. This update lets you connect to world-class education with university-style bridges, create places to study with the Park Cafeteria/Quad, and boost your school spirit with the Athletic Field and Rowing Centre.

Card Thief - iOS/Android

Yes, the long-awaited update is finally here. Meet ten new thieves, three each day, and get access to 24-hour contracts. Alternatively, the trash loot cards have been replaced with stolen goods, a few gameplay rules have been tweaked, and there's now a replay system for the Daily Heist.

Age of Heroes: Conquest - iOS/Android

In version 1.0.836 you'll be able to feed spirit stones to the creatures of Maghmell and face upgraded challenges, and get rewards, in the spirit realm. You'll also be able to recruit three new guild heroes, and bask in the usual tide of bug fixes.

Knight IO - iOS

Version 1.25's received quite a beefy haul as it gets more maps/backgrounds, more Knights, a better chat system, faster online gameplay, and a few general bug fixes. Don't worry Android-users, it'll also be coming to Google Play soon.

Candy Crush Jelly Saga - iOS/Android

Entertain yourself with a new episode: Mochi Island Village, complete with 20 new wibbly levels.