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Most games, apart from an entirely abstract puzzle game, try to place you into some sort of real-life or fantasy situation that makes sense according to a system of logic, whether it's that of the real world or the game's own skewed impersonation of reality.

Adult games on mobile, however, really take it to the limit. More often than not, you're effectively playing one-on-one against a glamour model of some description, testing their skills in a game of a traditional board or puzzle game. Sure, strip poker makes sense, but strip Reversi? Adult games on mobile don't so much skew reality as skewer it alongside some roasted peppers and slap it on the grill at Hugh Hefner's Playboy barbeque bash.

Peach Sexagon challenges you to overtake a board of six-sided shapes by claiming them. You start off with just one claimed shape, but each turn you get to move and grab another one.

There are two types of move available. The first allows you to move to an adjacent square, taking it over. The second allows a move to a shape slightly farther away, but here no additional shapes are taken-over. Instead, you just swap the position of the moved piece.

Judging when to move and when to multiply is the core challenge of the game, as you have to guess the moves of you opponent. When you claim a shape, any nearby opponent shapes become yours, too. Of course, the same happens when your opponent makes a move. Predictably, your aim is to take over more shapes than they do.

Equally predictable, behind each of the game boards lurks a less-than fully dressed lady. Win the board to win the girl. There are three difficulty levels on offer, and the arrangement of the game board changes fairly randomly between plays.

The erotic images in Peach Sexagon are relatively full-on compared with most rival titles. They generally feature just a single woman, but they are not afraid of full frontal nudity, a relatively rarity on mobile games like this. They're rather less fun than the more playful and creative images found on some other adult titles, but those looking for pure smut may prefer these more brazen nudie shots.

If you're not merely a smut fan, though, Peach Sexagon is less than entrancing. For an adult title, the execution of the game itself is solid. However the blandness of the gameplay, lacking the spice of a proper game structure or stock of power-ups we'd likely expect from a non-saucy offering, means that there's not all that much fun to be had from platonic key-bashing.

Long-term readers of Pocket Gamer will know we don't shy away from content veering towards the blue side of the mobile spectrum, and although it rarely gains the highest praise, we like to think we get the idea – some simple casual gaming bundled alongside some lewd images. While Peach Sexagon applies this formula with reasonable results, a more arcade-like or visual-based game would better suited as a companion to all the nubile young ladies than the boardgame used here.

Peach Sexagon

With a solid execution but rather bland gameplay and joyless adult images, Peach Sexagon langours in rather faceless mediocrity: neither bottom nor top of the erotic tree