Paper Monsters Recut
| Paper Monsters Recut

Paper Monsters Recut has a rather unusual history. It's a mobile port of a console port of mobile game.

In the years since this cute platformer first hit iOS, it's been expanded and polished, with more levels and diversions, and a bright new overworld.

The thing is, though, it remains a somewhat unsubstantial experience. The core jumping and collecting feels a little flat and lifeless, in spite of the attractive hand-drawn universe in which it takes place. Even that universe itself feels a little derivative and lacking in spark.

While Paper Monsters has picked up a few new tricks on its travels, the iOS platformer genre has grown more sophisticated and interesting in its absence, making this port of a remake feel like less than the sum of its many shiny parts.

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Paper Monsters Recut

A generously expanded platformer that nevertheless feels a little lightweight and insubstantial the second time around