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Kill Muspah and claim coffins of gold in OSRS

Kill Muspah and claim coffins of gold in OSRS

When playing OSRS, you need to gather tons of coins to trade them for other items, services, and experience. In the beginning, getting high amounts of coins is pretty challenging. But as you get more experience, you will be able to kill Muspah in OSRS, which allows you to farm tonnes of money.

In this guide, you will find out how to kill Muspah and claim coffins of gold in OSRS. It is useful for every player who wants to make money fast in OSRS.

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Muspah with low health, close to death

Muspah, also known as The Phantom Muspah, is one of the newest solo bosses and was released on January 11, 2023. Even from the first days after the release, Phantom Muspah became one of the best bosses to farm in OSRS.

Muspah's main feature is that he combines two combat classes: Magic and Range. The max hit for Range is 61, while the highest hit for Magic is 72. Such a high attacking potential at large distances allows Muspah to be nearly undefeatable if battled at range.

In terms of stats, Phantom Muspah has a 741 combat level, making it one of the most powerful bosses in OSRS.

The last thing you should know is that Phantom Muspah has three forms: Ranged, Melee, and Shielded.

  • Ranged Form - in this form, Muspah uses only range attacks, combining them with magic attacks.
  • Melee Form - in this form, Muspah damages the player only in the melee fight. So, you can easily freeze the boss and then deal damage.
  • Shielded Form - Muspah enters this form when it is close to death. It will get significant protection against the average attacks, and that’s why you should use a particular strategy to kill Phantom Muspah while it is in the shielded form.


Two Muspah bosses next to one another in the blurred environment

If you want to fight Muspah in OSRS, you need to meet a set of requirements first. Check the list below to find out all the requirements to fight Muspah effectively:

  • The primary requirement for fighting OSRS is to have highly developed skills. Magic should be at least 80, Prayer at least 95, Summoning at least 96, and Herblore 97.
  • Another strongly recommended requirement for fighting Muspah is to complete quests Fate of the Gods and Desert Treasure.

Muspah requires you to have the items mentioned in the list below:

  • Pack yak with Winter Storage Scrolls
  • Magic Notepaper
  • Sixth-Age Circuit
  • Shard of Zaros

If you want to fight Phantom Muspah effectively, you need to have a high-DPS setup. We cannot suggest specific equipment and weapons, so just try mixing and matching with available equipment and weapons.

Take care of your survivability. Phantom Muspah can deal tons of damage, and that’s why you should have a lot of HP to survive its attacks.


Muspah can be found inside the Salt Mines underneath the Weiss. The best way to get here is to teleport to Weiss and head slightly west from the city. Here you will find the Salt Mines.

Once you enter the Salt Mines, you will be in the frozen jail. Just head east and take the corridor directly south until you see a crack in the wall. Enter this crack and you will appear in the room with Phantom Muspah.


Muspah attacking the player's character

The main trick for fighting Phantom Muspah is changing gear depending on the shape of the boss. If Muspah enters melee form, you must equip a magic set with freezing abilities to fight against this boss.

If Muspah switches to the Ranged form, your damage dealing becomes a second priority for you. Instead, try to keep a distance from the boss and dodge its attacks, especially the Magic Special Attack, which can deal tons of damage.

Once Muspah reaches 150 HP, it will teleport to the centre of the room and release the special shock wave that will spread across the battlefield. Make sure to hide from the waves if you don’t want to die quickly. Also, it will enter the Shielded Phase, which we mentioned earlier.

In the Shielded Phase, all Phantom Muspah's stats will improve alongside it receiving a 75 HP Shield, which you need to destroy. Just be as careful as possible until you destroy this 75-HP shield. Once the shield is destroyed, switch to aggressive gameplay and kill the boss to get your rewards.


On average, killing it will bring you over 200,000 Coins. Besides this, you will get profit from the various resources that this boss can drop. They include Ancient essence, Venator Shard, Dragon Plategens, Runes, Herbs, Seeds, and other resources that can potentially give you a few million Coins per fight.

That’s everything you need to know about killing Muspah in OSRS. Just follow the strategy from this guide, and you will easily kill this boss, even if you lack experience and equipment. Also, take into account that the boss has a respawn time of 50 ticks (30 seconds). So, you can battle it many times in a row. And while you are here, make sure to check out our guide on how and where to obtain a Graceful outfit in OSRS.