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Oddwings Escape is a game about genetically modified mutant ducks flying through lovely looking backdrops. You have to collect hearts and coins, avoid bombs, and get as far as you can.

I guess it shows how long I've been doing this that writing a paragraph like that doesn't even make me raise an eyebrow.

And while there's a definite casual vibe here, there are enough interesting additions that, if this is your sort of thing, you'll be wasting a decent chunk of your time playing it.

Duck and weave

You control your auto-flying duck by sliding a finger around a section of the bottom of the screen. The controls are pretty responsive, and as you earn coins and upgrade your avian you'll find them getting better.

There are a variety of different levels, some of which offer challenges, others which offer straightforward 'get as far as you can' auto-running.

You need to grab keys to unlock the challenge levels, and you nab them by getting farther into the endless sections. As you play you'll find challenges against the ghosts of other players, and your Game Center friends will pop up and show how much better they are than you.

There's always something to do, and the challenge levels spice things up a bit. You need to pop balloons, avoid bombs, and complete other tasks that keep things interesting.

Not quackers enough

The end result is a game that's not particularly challenging, but it's reasonably inoffensive. You bob around, dodging through obstacles, collecting things, then you run out of puff and crash into the ground.

It's not going to hang around on your homescreen for months, but there's enough here to give you a few hours of fun.

Oddwings Escape

A simple to play casual flier with enough ideas to set it just ahead of the rest of the pack