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Nun Attack

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Nun Attack
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Your average nun is about as likely to brandish a firearm as hell is to freeze over, but it's this amusing central concept which gives Nun Attack much of its forward momentum.

A crack team of four sisters of mercy is out to stop a wayward nun from opening up the gates of damnation itself, and the only tool of their divine justice is guns. Lots and lots of guns.

Each level in Nun Attack features a section where you're travelling the overworld, taking down portals, opening treasure chests, and eventually making your way to the final portal at the other end of the stage. Once you reach this point you enter a battle situation where Satan's hordes are unleashed and you have to take them down, one by one.

Nun more deadly

Nun Attack uses a straightforward drag-to-move system, whereby you simply draw a line from your nun to the target. It's an elegant solution but one that slowly becomes unworkable when the screen is filled with monsters and your nuns are tightly packed together.

As well as standard attacks, each of the four nuns is blessed - quite literally - with a unique power. The tank-like Olga can temporarily boost her defences, while the petite Mandy is able to use healing powers to turn the tide of battle.

You also collect gold during combat which you can use to upgrade existing weapons and purchase new ones - predictably, in-app purchases allow you to acquire even more currency by using real-world cash.

With some pin-sharp presentation and excellent, tone-setting music, Nun Attack can't be accused of neglecting its duties when it comes to impressing the player. It's also jolly good fun for the first hour or so, as you smash your way through Hades on a righteous mission for the Holy One.

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned

The problem is, there's little variety on offer once you get past that initial 60 minutes. Your weapons become more powerful and special 'Miracles' become available, but ultimately the aim is always the same - destroy everything and vanquish the portal. Rinse and repeat, and say three Hail Marys before bedtime.

While it rarely puts a foot wrong when it comes to how it sounds and looks, Nun Attack doesn't have the long-term appeal to keep you playing for days on end. The developers deserve praise for the humour displayed by this game, but the anaemic gameplay is no laughing matter.

Nun Attack

Nun Attack is disappointingly repetitive and suffers from some control issues. Its biggest assets are its excellent visuals and sound - neither of which can maintain your interest beyond the first hour or so
Damien  McFerran
Damien McFerran
Damien's mum hoped he would grow out of playing silly video games and gain respectable employment. Perhaps become a teacher or a scientist, that kind of thing. Needless to say she now weeps openly whenever anyone asks how her son's getting on these days.