Nibblers - Your new crush
| Nibblers

Nibblers, the latest new IP from Angry Birds developer Rovio, is a clone of Candy Crush Saga. But it's a good clone.

The game sees you matching fruit to complete missions. You might have to clear a certain number of enemies, or a certain amount of mud, or a certain number of a specific type of fruit, or whatever.

Some enemies need to be hit several times, and some fruit are encased in gloop that you can only clear by matching them out, while making matches of four or five gives you power-ups that plough through rows and columns, bashing enemies and clearing the way for more fruit to file in from the top and shower you with lovely combos.

Like Candy Crush Saga, Nibblers is preposterously addictive, and really quite good. Its generous variety of mission types and enemies calls for a degree of strategic thinking that cynics may not credit this kind of game with.

The free to play system is relatively generous too. It'll be a couple of hours before the difficulty becomes unreasonable and you crash into the wait-timer wall, condemning you thereafter to brief daily visits so that you can use up your meagre ration of lives, but you'll stagger away from the main event satisfied.

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Nibblers - Your new crush

This fruit-based take on the Candy Crush formula is as polished, balanced, and playable as you would expect from the studio that brought you Angry Birds