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NFL Kicker 15
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NFL Kicker 15 is one of those sports games that isn't really a sports game. It's got the theme, for sure, but it's much more akin to a casual physics flicker than anything like Madden.

That's not a bad thing. While it lacks the depth of a full-blown American football game, it manages to make the core mechanic of kicking accuracy quite fun.

What is a problem is that it feels like a free to play game in a paid game's body.

On the punt

Swipe strength and direction will determine your kick's angle, and you can swipe while the ball is in mid-air to give it a little more guidance. Your targets change based on the mode you're playing.

In the Zone involves trying to kick the ball through a golden marker between the goalposts as many times as possible in order to build up a score multiplier.

Coffin Corner does away with the goal posts and instead tasks you with punting the ball as close to the end zone as possible without going out of bounds.

Finally Time Attack uses a timer to keep you on edge while you try to hit targets in a specific order to build up a combo and slow down the clock.

Field goal of dreams

NFL Kicker 15 is actually pretty entertaining, so long as you aren't looking for anything complex. Stringing together large combos and racking up a big score can be plenty satisfying, too.

The problem is the real sense of progression comes from upgrading your stadium and buying cosmetic stuff - both of which require credits.

Ordinarily something like this isn't a concern, but the rate at which you earn credits is so slow, and the game is constantly pushing you to spend some cash to buy more.

It's not as bad as, say, Card Wars - Adventure Time, but it's never fun to buy a game that artificially tries to slow your progress and then offers you a faster way out if you pay even more.

The core of NFL Kicker 15 is enjoyable enough, but the speed of progression and the questionable economy drag the whole thing down.

NFL Kicker 15

Contrary to expectations, NFL Kicker 15 is quite entertaining despite being about nothing but kicking. A shame it's a free game with a price tag, though