Xiaomi's Android app store hits 1 billion downloads

Generating $1.5 million monthly from games

Xiaomi's Android app store hits 1 billion downloads

App distribution remains an ever-in-flux dilemma.

It's especially the case in the fragmented Chinese Android market, in which Google Play is banned.

That's providing plenty of opportunity for carriers, platforms, social mobile apps and OEMs to get into the action.

One such is Android handset maker Xiaomi, which was recently in the news for poaching Android VP Hugo Barra.

Big in games

It's reporting that app downloads through its proprietary (and pre-loaded) app store have reached one billion.

The store was launched just over a year ago, with average daily downloads up to 5 million.

In term of the biggest category, of course, that's games with TechNode reporting that revenue from games makes up 60 percent of the total.

In absolute terms, games are generating around $1.5 million (RMB 10 million), although that's a drop in the ocean compared to the RMB 100 billion Xiamoi makes in annual sales.

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