Women in games to form focal point of 2013 Mobile Games Forum

Tackling the 'undeniable gender imbalance'

Women in games to form focal point of 2013 Mobile Games Forum

In January 2013, the 10th annual Mobile Games Forum will seek to address the "games industry's undeniable gender imbalance."

It'll do so by inviting six of the "most revered women in games" for a panel discussion on the ethics of gender in the games industry.

MGF organisers note that, although women represent a significant proportion of the mobile games playerbase – EEDAR research suggests 60 percent of all mobile gamers are female – the world of mobile games development is disproportionately made up of men.

What's to be done

"The dominance of women gamers at the consumer end of the market makes the lack of women in games development ever the more startling," said MGF organisers.

As such, the 'ethics of gender in the games industry' discussion will interrogate this imbalance, and examine why women in the industry are treated in a particular way.

The panel will welcome a trio of chief executives – UKIE's Dr Jo Twist, Women in Games Jobs' Gina Jackson and Remode's Ella Romanos.

They'll be joined by Bossa Studios co-founder Roberta Luca, Mobile Partnership Agency maketing consultant Berenice Kalan and Blast Furnace senior programmer Lizi Attwood.

Our two cents

This lack of diversity is something that guest columnist Anna Marsh examined in her latest piece for the site.

"The games industry has been built on the idea that making games unavoidably involves working long hours with a team all together in a physical location," Marsh explained.

"The knock on effect is that the working practises suit those who are already pretty obsessive about games and have little life outside of them – and that's people who are young, unattached, able to commute, have no kids and, it seems, mostly male."

Registration is open now for the 2013 Mobile Games Forum, which will take place from 23 - 24 January. Early bird tickets are currently available for £995 from the MGF website.

James Nouch
James Nouch's news editor 2012-2013