Transfluent partners with Unity for easy localisation

New plug-in offers rapid processing

Transfluent partners with Unity for easy localisation

Transfluent, a Finnish-based provider of language translation for social media, web games and apps, has launched a new development plug-in for Unity.

The plug-in, which launched at Unite 2013, gives game developers "direct access to Transfluent's rapid language localisation and translation technology," allowing them to localise their titles with ease.

Transfluent's instant, cloud-based, translation service has access to over 80 languages, and was used largely in the social media sphere before the company forged a partnership with Unity.

Talking in many tongues

Speaking about the partnership, Jani Penttinen, founder and CEO of Transfluent explained that "Unity’s 2 million plus developers can easily create games for global markets using Transfluent's language localization capabilities which are now embedded directly into our platform.

"Not only will it be easier for developers to target specific languages, the translations can be made rapidly and at the same time they write the code."

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