Tallinn plays host to the next Pocket Gamer Mobile Mixer

Rocking out with Creative Mobile on 19 September

Tallinn plays host to the next Pocket Gamer Mobile Mixer

Pocket Gamer's influence is spreading on the global scale, connecting all elements of the mobile games industry.

For evidence of this you have to look no further than this link, as it'll take you straight to the Eventbrite page for our Mobile Mixer in Tallinn, which kicks off on 19 September.

That's right, we're headed to the picturesque city of Tallinn in Estonia for our next industry event - a city which is ranked as one of the top 10 digital cities in the world thanks to our pals and event sponsors - the worldwide superstars that are Creative Mobile.

Drink. Think. Connect

If you're yet to attend a Pocket Gamer Mobile Mixer, then quite simply put, it's your chance to meet with peers from the industry. It's a meeting of the minds, featuring established, award-winning studios, and the hottest, freshest talent.

When not shmoozing with a complimentary drink in hand, there are fascinating talks and interactive debates to be heard.

In Tallinn we're honoured to be joined by Vladimir Funtikov (co-founder of Creative Mobile), and Oscar Clark (evangelist at Everyplay), among others.

So don't hang around, visit our Eventbrite page now.

Oh, and after you've clicked on that, point your browser towards for more info on IGDA GameDev, a weekend of hacking, industry workshops, and mentoring at Tallinn Polytechnic School, from 20 - 22 September.