Rovio: Half our revenue to come from physical goods

Food, drinks, everyday goods on table

Rovio: Half our revenue to come from physical goods

Rovio has suggested it is looking to generate more than half of its annual revenue from the sale of physical goods within a few years, with food and drink products both prime targets.

That's according to CMO Peter Vesterbacka, who revealed during an Open Mobile Summit panel that the company plans to expand on its existing lucrative merchandising set up to ensure its IP makes as much money on the real shop shelves as it does the digital ones.

Branching out

"We are looking at food, drinks, stuff that you will use everyday," Vesterbacka told the site, citing the model of Coca Cola, who delivers a billion or so soft drinks every day.

That's something he believes Rovio is capable of doing with Angrys Birds et al, though he admitted "people think that we are crazy."

Existing Rovio merchandising deals are hardly few and far between. Angry Birds is already linked to everything from baby clothes to speaker sets.

Vesterbacka himself has even fronted an ad campaign for coffee in Finland, illustrating the profile the studio has built for itself.

Back in August, it was also claimed that Angry Birds plush toy sales doubled to $400 million in 2012, while Rovio has recently partnering with McDonalds in China to deliver a location-based version of the game.

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