Reanimator: Fiksu announces new cross-platform Retargeting service

Also deal with users who are 'stuck in the funnel'

Reanimator: Fiksu announces new cross-platform Retargeting service

App marketing firm Fiksu has announced a new service, Fiksu Retargeting, aimed at user re-engagement.

Fiksu Retargeting allows you to specifically target lapsed or inactive users in an attempt to reactive them.

With new research showing that the majority of lifetime IAP expenditures happen on the first day, it's tempting for developers and publishers to overlook inactive and lapsed players - but Fiksu sees ripe revenue amongst these groups.

Smarter marketing

Fiksu bills Retargeting as a unified marketing solution aimed at optimising traffic across significant media sources including ad networks like Google Adwords and Facebook.

Fiksu Retargeting also allows for the cross-promotion of products and has solutions aimed at activating users who are "stuck in the funnel" (those who have downloaded a game but never taken an action).

"Marketers have already experienced the power of retargeting on the desktop, and for the first time, Fiksu is bringing this valuable tool to mobile," commented CEO Micah Adler.

"It's the perfect complement to user acquisition marketing, allowing advertisers to maximize the value of their user acquisition investments."

Matthew Diener
Matthew Diener
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