Polish education app start-up Frugoton secures $330,000 seed funding

W Investments provides the cash

Polish education app start-up Frugoton secures $330,000 seed funding

The Polish educational app start-up Frugoton has secured $330,000 in investment funding with independent financial holding firm W Investments leading the charge.

Frugoton's rising fortunes come shortly after it announced its incorporation in the United States, and follows a surge of interest in educational and child-focused apps on the App Store.

In addition to future app development, Frugoton will use the funding to help complete its planned Frugoton Parent Guide that's due out in early 2014.

The guide features a unique preschool curriculum along with a variety of educational articles and apps for children.

School days

Speaking on the funding and, more broadly, the future of Frugoton, CEO and founder Gustaw Groth is optimistic.

"We are extremely excited to be supported by professional venture capital funding in our mission to provide leading preschool educational solutions for tablets," he says.

"Our main goal now is to extend our concept beyond educational games to complete the support of children’s intellectual development. Our Parent Guide will be released in 2014 to further prove that education support can be smart, easy, and for everyone."

Additionally, Frugoton plans to expand from iOS exclusivity and onto the Android platform.

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