'One hit wonder' concerns force King to delay IPO

Game is simply 'too successful'

'One hit wonder' concerns force King to delay IPO

Candy Crush Saga developer King - née - has reportedly delayed its initial public offering (IPO) in the United States.

This decision comes as a result of UK-based King voicing concerns that Candy Crush was 'too successful' and might lead potential investors to view the company as a 'one hit wonder'.

After gearing up for a potential $5bn (£3bn) flotation on the NASDAQ, King initially contemplated a launch of the IPO in 2013. No timetable has been provided for when King plans to launch the IPO moving forward.

More on the way

King has seen unprecedented success with Candy Crush Saga, which has hovered at the happy end of the Top Grossing games charts for both iOS and Android since the summer.

King's latest mobile offering Papa Pear Saga launched in November, though the picture is currently unclear as to whether it will be able to follow in Candy Crush's rather formidable footsteps longterm.

Papa Pear Saga

Recently, King has turned to aggressively promoting Candy Crush Saga in foreign markets - including a pair of television commercials in Japan.

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