O2 UK has sold one million iPhones

Milestone announced with latest quarterly results

O2 UK has sold one million iPhones

O2 UK had sold more than one million iPhones in the UK by the end of 2008, according to the latest quarterly results of its parent company Telefonica.

It's a rare statement of iPhone sales figures by the operator, which has reportedly been kept on a tight leash by Apple when it comes to stating how many of the latter's handsets it has sold.

Apple recently announced that it had sold more than 17 million iPhones by the end of 2008, meaning that O2 UK accounts for roughly one seventeenth of them. The UK was one of the first markets to get the iPhone after the US.

The milestone is certainly good news for O2, since a decent chunk of those million iPhones would have been sold to people churning from rival mobile operators to get their hands on Apple's handset.

However, it's not been publicly announced how long O2's exclusive deal with Apple lasts. If other UK operators are selling iPhone(s) by the time O2's customers' 18-month contracts are up, it's anyone's guess how many will churn again.