Not just about the indies: PS Vita is still a system for triple A developers, says Sony

Remote play sets the stage for a comeback

Not just about the indies: PS Vita is still a system for triple A developers, says Sony

Sony's PS Vita is still a system for triple A developers according to Adam Boyes, the man in charge of building bridges between the Japanese firm and outside developers and publishers.

In a recent interview with Kotaku, Boyes stated that Sony's faltering handheld hasn't given up its pursuit of big name developers, despite its recent love affair with the indie scene.

Indeed, while system sales haven't set the world alight, Boyes believes that the launch of the PS4 could help put the Vita back on track.

Remote saviour

According to Boyes it's the PS4's remote play feature - which allows gamers to play PS4 titles on their big screens or their Vita - that will prove crucial as Sony attempts to win back disillusioned developers.

"You have this amazing sort of triple-A experience when you're in bed knocking out a couple scavenger missions in Assassin's Creed IV right before you go to bed," explained Boyes.

"I think with Remote Play that I'm gonna be playing very little mobile games at home now within the house.

"I do think that the Remote Play aspect of PS4 is gonna help the amount of Vitas that are out in the wild, and then that will start informing more publishers to build that bigger, meatier content."

Indie lifeline

Sony won't forget about the indies that have brought critical acclaim (if not masses of sales) to Vita in recent months, however, and after the handheld experienced a hugely successful "indie assault", smaller developers are still very much in the company's plans.

Mossmouth's notable PS Vita indie hit Spelunky

"When I play Spelunky or when I play Hotline Miami on my Vita, I play differently than when I play on my PS3," said Boyes, "it feels like it's at home, and that's why I think you see a lot of focus on getting great [indie] content for the Vita."

"The reality is, we're trying to create a bunch of different content for a variety of gamers so they get satiated with a device on the go or within their house."

[source: Kotaku]