National Geographic partners with SCVNGR to serve up location based challenges

TV channel, maps and museums tied up in deal

National Geographic partners with SCVNGR to serve up location based challenges

Given SCVNGR's background in serving up challenge based play, it's no surprise to see the firm linking out to business in a similar fashion now it's an app in its own right.

Following up a deal with UK based rail ticket operator Quno, SCVNGR has embarked on a similar partnership with National Geographic in the States.

The link up pulls together the brand's television channel, maps and its museum operations to serve up a series of challenges delivered through the SCVNGR app.

Scavenging success

SCVNGR users will be able to take part in challenges when they visit National Geographic zoos and aquariums across the US, with the new set up launching with National Geographic's museum exhibition Geckos: Tails to Toepads this September.

While using cameras or smartphones, families can join a photo safari trek that will send them to specific locations to take photographs, solve trivia challenges, earn points and unlock rewards.

"By working with SCVNGR, we are able to create mobile innovative experiences that build affiliation and engagement within National Geographic's global community and further spreads our mission of inspiring people to care about the planet," said National Geographic VP Aaron Kohn.

"We look forward to utilising SCVNGR to create challenges that take our audience outside of individual properties through mobile ancillary content, taking them beyond individual Channel shows and leading mission-driven projects."

The consumer challenge

It's the extra value SCVNGR's challenges can bring to a brand that seems to be attracting businesses, with the firm claiming its set up allows companies to connect with consumers on a more personal level than standard forms of promotion.

"National Geographic is an organisation all about exploring, learning and discovery; SCVNGR is a game that you play anywhere you go to learn, discover, compete and unlock rewards," said SCVNGR senior VP Chris Mahl.

"We're excited to work with National Geographic to leverage its incredibly vast and rich educational content, engage its visitors and audience in a new way, and empower the National Geographic brand on the mobile and social game layer."