MWC 2011: Union games earn major Sony Ericsson promo push on Xperia Play

Two sides to every deal

MWC 2011: Union games earn major Sony Ericsson promo push on Xperia Play

While Pocket Gamer was privy to some of the early details regarding Unity's link up with Sony Ericsson's forthcoming Xperia Play, further news has come to light regarding the alliance between the two firms.

As well As Unity serving up games for the handset through Union – its newly formed business unit, focused on driving games built on its technology out to platforms – Sony Ericsson has committed to giving said titles pride of place on the device.

A union for Union

In short, Union games will be pushed by the firm via its 'recommender app', giving the first three titles in line - Racer by Luma Arcade, Guerilla Bob by Angry Mob Studios and AirAttack HD by Art in Games – a much needed bit of early promo.

"This collaboration with Union and Unity Technologies provides our consumers with access to a vast library of high quality games," said head of marketing at Sony Ericsson, Steve Walker.

"Unity Technologies' development platform empowers content creators to maximise the Xperia Play's gaming focus and through Union, we can market a large portfolio of quality releases to our customers."

Sweet Sony Ericcson

The deal with Sony Ericsson is one of the first of its kind for Unity's Union venture, which was announced back in November.

With the firm looking to get Unity enabled titles out to as many platforms as possible, securing a sweet spot on what's being pitched as the most important gaming handset on Android to date - better known as PlayStation Phone to its friends – could be quite a coup.

"Sony Ericsson has a beautiful, ground-breaking gaming smartphone on its hands with the Xperia Play," said Union GM Brett Seyler.

"Through our partnership with Sony Ericsson and Union, we look forward to working with our developers to deliver mind-blowing gaming experiences for consumers, taking advantage of the Xperia Play’s brilliant input design and powerful hardware."

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