Monetisation platform W3i adds offer exchange for iOS and Android

Real time offers to increase yields

Monetisation platform W3i adds offer exchange for iOS and Android

Pitched as a solution to Apple's ban on incentivised installs, W3i has launched an offer exchange service for iOS and Android.

The exchange is designed to increase yields for developers on its platform, enabling multiple offers from providers to compete for ad inventory in real time.

It's a move the firm believes will save developers time, given it's delivered via the W3i SDK, which can be added or removed without the studio in question having to apply an update to the app.

An offer you can't refuse

"Through our freemium focus, W3i developed a monetisation solution that maximises developers’ freemium revenue by providing superior optimisation, powerful control and now the highest yielding offers by opening up the marketplace to leading networks," said W3i's SVP of product management and co-founder Ryan Weber.

"Our addition of an 'offer exchange' is a unique service for game developers."

W3i claims offer providers receive full access to targeting attributes to unlock optimum value. Targeting can be done by country, OS, device type, connection type or platform.

Developers then control the offers presented to players. For example, they can restrict offers from their competitors and determine which offer providers to allow.

More details can be found on W3i's website.

Tom Worthington
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