Million Arthur's Chinese success boosts Shanda's FY13 Q3 mobile game sales to $25 million

Mobile now accounts for 14% of total revenue

Million Arthur's Chinese success boosts Shanda's FY13 Q3 mobile game sales to $25 million

Chinese online and mobile games publisher Shanda Games (NASDAQ: GAME) has announced its unaudited consolidated financial results for FY13 Q3, the three months ending 30 September 2013.

Net revenues were $183 million (RMB 1.1 billion), up 3.3 percent year-on-year.

Mobile games accounted for 14 percent of this total; $25 million (RMB 153 million).

This was up 50 percent compared to FY13 Q2 and up over 7000 percent from the RMB 2.1 million a year ago.

Net income was $70 million (RMB 429 million), down 2.8 percent.

Nation of millions

The big driven of mobile games sales for Shanda has been the release of the Square Enix-developed Million Arthur across Asia.

It was released in China in July 2013, boosting Shanda's average daily player numbers to 575,000.

The average revenue per daily active user during the period was $0.05 (RMB 2.9).

More to come

"We continued our solid start to the year by growing our mobile game revenues 50.3 percent sequentially, accounting for 13.6 percent of our total revenues during the third quarter of 2013," commented CEO Xiangdong Zhang.

"In addition to Million Arthur's successful launch in Korea, Taiwan and China, we are now in the final stages of preparation for its launch in Singapore and Malaysia.

"We look forward to building upon its success with a number of new mobile games in the pipeline including Guardian Cross, Dragon Nest: Labyrinth as well as Hell Lord. We will continue to add to our mobile games pipeline going forward."

Shanda ended the quarter with cash and equivalents worth 281 million.

[source: Shanda Games]

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