Medio offers 2,500 free downloads per month for first devs to sign for new virality engine K-Invite

Transform your players' friends into players

Medio offers 2,500 free downloads per month for first devs to sign for new virality engine K-Invite

Given the cost of user acquisition, companies are now looking towards better - and cheaper - ways of getting players.

One much talked about term is virality.

And that's what mobile monetisation outfit Medio is looking to hook into with new product K-Invite.

It says this facilitates one-to-one social sharing between friends via SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter. In addition, players also get reward users for successfully referring their friends.

In this way, Medio hopes the result will be higher quality installs at a much lower cost.

Reverse the flow

"The economics of acquiring users from traditional ad networks is no longer sustainable," said Rob Lilleness, Medio's CEO.

"With K-Invite, we're taking full advantage of the lessons we've learned on social platforms to create a viral growth mechanism for our customers. By leveraging your network of existing users to acquire new customers, K-Invite helps solve some of the biggest issues developers face today: dwindling ad network inventory, cost-prohibitive pricing and lack of scale."

One company excited about using K-Invite is PopCap.

"K-Invite's unique approach to user acquisition allows game developers to focus on creating compelling viral hooks in games, giving the industry more options than the traditional ad network route," said its senior product manager Patrick McGrath.

And to encourage more clients, Medio is giving away 2,500 free end-user app referrals or downloads each month to the first 50 app developers who integrate the SDK.

You can find out more via the K-Invite website.

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