Mass exodus at Zynga continues as CSO Puhlmann reportedly jumps ship

Twelfth executive in just 2 months

Mass exodus at Zynga continues as CSO Puhlmann reportedly jumps ship

Days after mobile advertising, monetisation and business development head Wilson Kriegel left Zynga, rumour has it another executive has left the social gaming giant.

TechCrunch is citing unnamed sources who claim chief security officer Nils Puhlmann has left Zynga after three years at the firm – a rumour the firm is currently refusing to either confirm or deny.

Puhlling out

If true, Puhlmann will be the twelfth executive to have left Zynga during the last two months, following the likes of COO John Schappert and CCO Mike Verdu, amongst others.

Zynga has suffered in recent months, with its share price having fallen significantly in the wake of its acquisition of Draw Something developer OMGPOP, testing times for its Facebook line-up and legal action by publishing giant EA.

The company has, however, sought to decrease its reliance on Facebook since the start of the year, launching its own web-based gaming platform and opening it up to third parties.

Zynga has also recently acquired Facebook developer A Bit Lucky in an attempt to reach out to new consumers.

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