MacWorld 2009: iPhone games absent from Apple keynote

Ah well

MacWorld 2009: iPhone games absent from Apple keynote

iPhone games were notably absent from tonight’s MacWorld keynote speech from Apple’s senior VP of worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller (pictured), who was subbing in for the defiantly un-dying Steve Jobs.

Actually, Jobs picked a good keynote to miss – this one was disappointing if you were hoping for a squizz at some new iPhone games, let alone the rumoured iPhone Nano or Mac Mini announcements.

Instead, there was a solid hour talking about new Mac applications - including the ’09 iterations of iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand and iWork – and at least quarter of an hour on the (admittedly innovative) battery inside the new 17-inch MacBook Pro laptop.

But in contrast to Apple keynote speeches last year, there were no iPhone games demoed on stage, and indeed precious little mention of the iPhone itself, other than a new app allowing it to be used as a remote control for slideshow presentations using iWork.

The big news was changes to the iTunes Store in regards to music. The store will sell only DRM-free music from the end of March, while the iPhone version of the iTunes Store will now be able to download songs over the 3G network as well as Wi-Fi.