News on the hunt for dev talent in Sweden and Romania

Pops positions onto jobs board on the hunt for dev talent in Sweden and Romania

Mobile and social game developer is currently seeking development talent for its offices in Sweden and Romania, and the company's taken to the jobs board to find it.

The regal studio has three vacancies on offer: mobile game developer, backend java developer and game developer. The first two positions are based in's Stockholm offices, while the final role will operate from the company's office in Bucharest.

Staffing up Sweden

Candidates for the mobile game developer role will require an excellent knowledge of C/C++, as well as proven experience within the mobile games industry or a close equivalent. Experience of rendering programming – preferably with OpenGL – is also a plus.

Meanwhile, those interested in the backend java developer position must be able to demonstrate a structured and analytical disposition, the ability to translate business needs into technical requirements, and of course, the ability to implement those requirements.

The candidate should also have a wealth of experience with Java, JSP, databases and web development in general, and be familiar with HTML, CSS, Javascript and Bash.

Recruiting for Romania's Romanian office is also recruiting game developers, and is looking for candidates with in-depth knowledge of C++ or ActionScript 3.

The job description notes that applicants should have experience of "Flash applications with complex network communications," too.

To find out more about any of these vacancies, to apply, or to simply browse the full list of industry positions available, simply visit the jobs board.

James Nouch
James Nouch's news editor 2012-2013