Juniper predicts $167bn mobile content bonanza

Everyone's going to be rich by 2013

Juniper predicts $167bn mobile content bonanza

Looking to raise VC money in the face of the gathering economic storm? You'll be wanting to quote the big fat figure from Juniper Research's latest report then.

The company predicts that by 2013, the global mobile content market could be worth a whopping $167 billion - but only if operators fuel the market's growth by taking lower revenue shares.

If they do, Juniper reckons the operators (or MNOs, as it terms them) willl still trouser $52 billion of that total. That's the benefits of "shared value creation", apparently.

"If MNOs are to benefit financially, they need to move away from their Dumb Pipe roots to the Smart Pipe model, though they will clash with the content providers which already dominate the Smart Pipe," says author Andrew Kitson. "A compromise needs to be found."

$167 billion of revenues? We thought it was only gas pipes that generated that kind of money...