Going nowhere: LG 'more committed than ever' to the mobile space

Firm aims to become a major player

Going nowhere: LG 'more committed than ever' to the mobile space

Korean tech giant LG has refuted claims that it's planning to shift its resources from its smartphone operations to its television business.

Local IT news outlet ET News suggested LG was considering downsizing its smartphone division workforce thanks, in part, to the level of competition in the mobile market - fellow Korean outfit Samsung, in particular, squeezing LG's smartphone operations.

Indeed, the report states that, though LG still believes that smartphones are important, in the short term the firm feels it will see more success with televisions.

Looking good

LG however, has dismissed the report as "completely untrue," stating that the news was based on "non-credible sources and uninformed speculation."

The firm has reiterated its commitment to the mobile industry, and LG will surely be confident moving forward in the market as its G2 handset, and the LG built Nexus 5 handset, continue to make waves.

LG's Android-powered G2

"We are more committed than ever in making the LG brand a major player in the mobile space," an LG representative said on Friday, "and we think our products this year speak for themselves."

[Source: CNet]

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