Frenzoo raises $1 million for upcoming Me Girl fashion games

Former Mattel CSO joins board of directors

Frenzoo raises $1 million for upcoming Me Girl fashion games

Fashion and lifestyle mobile games start up Frenzoo is announcing it has received $1 million in new seed funding.

The funding, which came from a number of investors included Efficient Coporate, Siemer Ventures, K5 Ventures, and Metaverse Services, will be used to accelerate the launch of its upcoming Me Girl titles.

"I believe that Frenzoo's technology is the key to engaging with players on a more intimate level, and is truly a game changer," said Efficient Corporate's Tytus Michalski.

Something chic

Flurry analytics showed that women make up the majority of the mobile social gaming audience, Frenzoo is aiming to be the first to market with 3D games developed specifically for this audience.

"We believe there is a tremendous opportunity to combine the best of mobile gaming with the world of fashion and lifestyle," said Frenzoo CEO and co-founder Simon Newstead.

"Our goal with Me Girl is to leverage glamour and emotional appeal to create fun, accessible gaming experiences. With our innovative 3D platform, we can create interactive characters with natural movements and expressions that really bring the whole story to life."

Making frenz

Frenzoo's board of directors has also gained veteran gaming executive Doug Glen, who'd previously filled the shoes of toy maker Mattel's CSO, CEO of Imagi Studios, and director of Rock Band creators Harmonix.

Glen will be joined by Frenzoo's newest advisor Jasmine Webster, who had previously founded popular fashion blog Dress Me and has been nominated as fashion blogger of the year by Marie Claire.

"In the mid-1990s, Mattel pioneered computer entertainment for girls," said Glen.

"Games like Barbie Fashion Designer were hugely successful, in part because the market was so underserved.

"Fifteen years later, the girls’ and women’s market in mobile entertainment is now underserved, and Frenzoo is releasing wonderful games that have raised the bar to an exciting new level."

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