Foursquare releases location-based, social networking API

Chat online, get a free beer

Foursquare releases location-based, social networking API

Foursquare is a very difficult iPhone application to pigeonhole. It's something of a Twitter-connected social networking system tied to specific locations, but also hands out achievements and awards similar to many games.

As the app expands into new cities, the developer is releasing an API that it hopes developers will use to expand the system to new platforms and new ideas.

In the cities where Foursquare is already active, the social aspects are really catching on, with 'mayorships' being awarded to users who frequent specific establishments most often.

A bar in Los Angeles is even offering a free beer to the mayor every time they visit, and Foursquare is hoping to capitalise on this trend and expand similar ideas with other establishments.

Version 1.2 has recently been submitted with more US cities, although there's nothing in the UK at the moment. Hopefully the availability of the API will encourage local developers around the world to build on the application's US popularity, and free beer will be flowing from iPhones across the world.