Fishing Joy franchise is generating $1.6 million a month in China

Punchbox hooks a big one

Fishing Joy franchise is generating $1.6 million a month in China

Companies such as NaturalMotion and Supercell have revealed the sort of revenue you can generate from a top grossing game in the US and Europe.

But what about in China?

We can get an idea how that market is developing from publisher Punchbox. It's released figures from its very popular Fishing Joy franchise of games.

Since 2011, they have been downloaded more than 120 million times, with monthly revenue from China in the region of 10 million RMB (around $1.6 million).

Reel them in

And the games are still performing well.

Fishing Joy 2 was the top grossing game for China Mobile during September 2012; generating 2.6 million RMB (around $420,000).

Indeed, across all its games, Chukong (the parent company of Punchbox) accounted for 4.5 percent of China Mobile's games revenue during September.

The company is now looking to find success outside of China, most recently releasing Pocket Climber, which was in the US top 50 paid chart for two weeks.

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