F2P Summit to play host to SingStar's free-to-play reboot

Bound for London in October

F2P Summit to play host to SingStar's free-to-play reboot

Always interesting and often provocative, details of speakers set to take to the stage at the next F2P Summit in Shoreditch, London, with SingStar's switch to free-to-play set to be focus.

Though not mobile, Sony's London Studio director Dave Ranyard take on why he's primed to reboot the iconic music franchise with the F2P model on PlayStation 3 will no doubt be of interest to all freemium developers working across the industry.

Last year, Sony released a free-to-play app version of SingStar and Ranyard will summarise the studio's experiences with the process during a talk at October's F2P Summit entitled 'Rebooting SingStar as a Free to Play Game'.

Lessons learned

The new SingStar reboot will see the game streamlined for freemium commerce with the overall aim of retaining the existing playerbase incorporating lessons learned from last year’s free-to-play outing.

Ranyard explains that in order to do this, his studio considered the free-to-play model from the very outset of the process.

"Many of the best F2P experiences are built and designed from the ground up with F2P in mind from the start. Game and app stores are littered with the ghosts of games where f2p is a bolt-on.

"But what do you do if you have a strong game experience which you truly believe could become a great F2P game."

F2P Summit is taking place at RichMix in Shoreditch, London on Thursday 10 October 2013. Cheaper Early Bird tickets are available until 18 September.

Additional information on the conference can be found here.

Matthew Diener
Matthew Diener
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