Ex-Rovio employees launch new licensing agency for mobile's next generation

Looking to make waves

Ex-Rovio employees launch new licensing agency for mobile's next generation

Three former Rovio employees have come together to launch a new licensing agency designed to create and execute global licensing programs for 'the next wave of mobile games'.

Called 5th Wave Brands, the company's founding members Heikki Laaninen, Khalid Bur, and Mari Turhanen all hail from the Angry Birds studio, with Rovio's former SVP of brand marketing - Ville Heijari – also joining as a board member.


"The mobile entertainment revolution is just in the beginning, and it will fundamentally change the way people consume entertainment," said company MD Heikki Laaninen.

"Mobile brands can instantly gain fans all over the world, which enables huge global licensing opportunities."

Indeed, licensing is growing in importance for mobile game developers looking to bring in serious cash. Angry Birds creator Rovio, for example, continues to bring in over 40 percent of its yearly revenue through licensing alone.

Brand development

5th Wave Brands already has three mobile game brands on its books - Badland, Hill Climb Racing, and Ruzzle – with Frogmind CEO Johannes Vuorinen claiming 5th Wave Brands focusing on offering developers the benefits of licensing without any of the fuss.

Frogmind's Badland

"5th Wave Brands brings great value to mobile game developers," explained Vuorinen.

"We see licensing as an important brand development tool, and this partnership provides us with all the relevant expertise while allowing us to concentrate on Badland game development."

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