Disney and Gearbox veterans join up to form Fun Machine

Making games for smartphones, tablets and smart TVs

Disney and Gearbox veterans join up to form Fun Machine

Four veterans of triple-A console development have banded together to form Fun Machine.

The Austin, Texas-based developer will be focused on smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

Founded by Patrick Curry, Michael Hadwin, Neill Glancy and Stephen Palmer, Fun Machine is working on both games and proprietary technology. The studio's debut, Awesome Eats, was the first product using its smarts.

Since its March 2012 release, Awesome Eats has gained 800,000 iOS downloads, and Fun Machine is currently planning to release the game - which promotes healthy eating and school gardening – on other platforms.

The times they are a-changin'

"The next generation of gaming isn't going to come on a disc or be bought in a store. It's going to be downloaded and streamed to every screen in your household - and in your pocket - in the blink of an eye," explained CEO Patrick Curry.

Curry formerly served as VP and creative director at Disney-owned Wideload Games, best known for the Xbox horror comedy Stubbs the Zombie.

His co-founders have worked on titles such as worked on titles such as Epic Mickey, Borderlands, and John Woo's Stranglehold.

Hadwin and Glancy worked at Disney-owned Junction Point in director-level role, while Palmer was lead producer at Gearbox.

All the screens

"This is an exciting time to be creating games and original intellectual properties," said Hadwin, Fun Machine's president and studio director.

"Our technology lets us focus on innovative ideas and instantly test them across several platforms and devices. One lesson from the console industry that still holds true: iteration and polish always win."

[source: Fun Machine]

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