Crytek goes F2P, partners with DeNA to launch The Collectables

Distribution through Mobage platform

Crytek goes F2P, partners with DeNA to launch The Collectables

German powerhouse Crytek is to make a move on the free-to-play market, partnering with Japanese social gaming giant DeNA to launch its first F2P mobile game, The Collectables.

The game, which – in the words of both parties - will 'blend action and tactics as players attempt to lead a squad on missions around the world', is bound for iOS and Android in 2014, launching through DeNA's mobile games platform Mobage.

Working with experience

It's an interesting move by Crytek, which has typically focused its attention on big, blockbuster releases on PC and console.

The Collectables

"DeNA offers unparalleled experience in the mobile gaming space, and we're excited to be collaborating with their team to deliver The Collectables to players," stated Paha Schulz, director of business development, Games-as-a-Service at Crytek.

"The Collectables will be the first free-to-play mobile game that leverages Crytek’s cutting-edge 3D game technology CRYENGINE."

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This isn't the first time Crytek has attempted to make a mark on mobile, however. The studio launched cartoon puzzler Fibble on iOS and later Kindle Fire back in April 2012 for 69p/99c.

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