Crowdstar announces new partnerships to take its titles to Asia

US dev partners with Tencent and Gamevil

Crowdstar announces new partnerships to take its titles to Asia

US mobile publisher CrowdStar has detailed its expansion into the Asian markets, announcing partnerships with internet service portal Tencent and Korean publisher Gamevil.

The new deals – which follow news CrowdStar is pulling out of Facebook development - will see social hit Top Girl attempt to make a mark in both China and Korea.

The lowdown

For the Chinese market, CrowdStar will develop localised versions of Top Girl and Tower Town, which will subsequently be released on iOS and distributed by Tencent - China's largest internet service portal.

Meanwhile, Gamevil will localise Top Girl for its release in South Korea, and the company - which set aside $10 million to sign up third-party titles back in June 2011 - will also promote the social title on Korea's three major carriers.

"Crowdstar is excited about the new consumer markets it plans to enter through today's partnerships," enthused CrowdStar's head of global business development, Randy Lee.

"We're optimistic about seeing more impressive results with our new partners in Asia."

CrowdStar recently raised $11.5 million to fund its shift to mobile, bringing total investment in the company's to $35 million.

James Nouch
James Nouch's news editor 2012-2013