Convert your backsliders with Tapjoy Reconnect

New hook to catch one-time players

Convert your backsliders with Tapjoy Reconnect

Considering the amount of time and money developers spend 'acquiring' users, it seems rather silly to ignore them if/when they stop playing your game.

That's the angle behind Tapjoy's new tool.

Called Tapjoy Reconnect, it's a new ad unit that the company thinks is both cheaper and more friendly that other means of re-engaging with your audience such as push notifications.

A second chance

It works through the standard Tapjoy offerwall, providing users with a frictionless way of getting back into a game (or app) they've previously been playing.

Of course, developers can also reward with items or currency to ease them back into the action.

"We've found that when you provide users with choice, it builds brand affinity and increases the likelihood of retaining users long-term," said Chris Akhavan, Tapjoy's VP of partnerships and strategic operations.

"With Tapjoy Reconnect, we provide consumers with the choice to re-engage, while also providing a powerful, economical tool to our partners to help boost retention in a less intrusive way. It's a win-win for consumers and developers."

You can find out more here.

Jon Jordan
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