Chart of the Week: The close race for second place on Android

It's getting tighter

Chart of the Week: The close race for second place on Android

At first glance, the fact that – according to Tapjoy – Samsung devices account for more than half of Android's userbase is worthy of a headline or two.

Anyone who has studied any of the research reports summarised on over the last year or so will know that this is nothing new, however.

In North America and Europe, Samsung's position as top dog on Google's platform is well established, even if its share – now hitting 55 percent – is somewhat startling.

The big four

More interesting, however, is the land grab going on for second place.

All of Samsung's rivals have launched rejuvenated flagships in recent months, most prominently HTC's One and Sony's Xperia Z.

Both have managed to gain significant retail space at major chains, but are they actually having an impact on their manufacturer's share of the pie?

Tapjoy's assessment suggests their main impact has been to reinforce a status quo - no major player pulling away, no major player falling behind.

Four handset manufacturers now boast remarkably similar market shares on Android – HTC on 8 percent, Sony and LG on 6 percent each, and Motorola on 4 percent.

Interestingly, Amazon is just behind these four on 3 percent share thanks to the Kindle Fire, with the race for second place arguably getting tighter as the months go by.

[source: Tapjoy]

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