App Developers Alliance launches monetisation workshops in SF, LA and NYC

One-day events kick off in SF on 2 August

App Developers Alliance launches monetisation workshops in SF, LA and NYC

Generating revenue is key for any mobile app developer, but there is ever increasing pressure to consider the options available at the very earliest stages of development.

Make a mistake and it could prove very costly.

But our American cousins can now get help and advice from one of three one-day workshops organised by the Application Developers Alliance, in partnership with the Business and Revenue Working Group.

The first workshop will take place in San Francisco on 2 August, followed by New York in September, and finally Los Angeles in October.

For those who can't make any of the events, there will also be a livestream available.

The first workshop features panels made up of experts from Dolby, Capcom, PlayPhone, PlayFirst, CBS Interactive, Twilio, Bunndle, and Open X.

Further details of the panel and event line-up can be found on the official website, where details of the New York and Los Angeles workshops will also be added in the coming weeks.

There are also additional resources available, including a monetisation comparison tool, and white paper.

Jonathan Morris
Jonathan Morris
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