And the rest... King Oddball, Real Racing 2 sale

The best of the rest of the news

And the rest... King Oddball, Real Racing 2 sale

Two big new games today. Rovio's Bad Piggies - the Angry Birds spin-off starring those porky green pigs - is now out on iOS and Android. Plus, Rayman Jungle Run has finally sprinted all the way over from iOS to Android.

It's been a big day for updates, too: there's a huge Fruit Ninja update and ten Halloween-themed levels in Where's My Water?

The following stories didn't quite make the Pocket Gamer front page, but we didn't want to ignore them completely.

So, feast your eyes on the best of the rest...

New releases

We shared the trailer for Lanterns a few days ago - it's a tranquil, zen-like game where you slide your finger through several like-coloured lanterns to score points and release fireworks. It looks like it would put you to sleep... if it wasn't so darned addictive. £1.49 / $1.99 on iOS.


King Oddball certainly lives up to his name. He's a floating boulder king with an enormous elasticated tongue that can lob smaller boulders about like bowling balls. He'll use this bizarre special power to smash up 120 physics-based puzzles in his ongoing quest to End the World. It's yours for £1.49 / $1.99 on iOS.

Big updates

Pocket God is, would you believe it, still going strong. In the 46th episode, entitled Germs of Endearment, of this miniature island manipulator, you can infect your pygmy followers with all sorts of plagues, diseases, microbes, and other contagious ills. There's loads more - read the full update list here.


If you didn't grab Real Racing 2 HD on one of the 16 previous occasions it has been on sale, then don't let the moment pass you by again. Firemint's gorgeous feature-packed iPad racer is £1.49 / $1.99. Yep, it's EA's Daily Deal. Woosh.

Kickstart this

Anarchy Enterprises's Devil's Cove Adventure Game is a creepy point-and-click title set in the eponymous cursed harbour town. Your job is to find out who's behind the heinous crimes committed in Devil's Cove. If the developer can cobble together $185,000, it will launch the game on iOS and Android.

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Mark Brown
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