Amazon adds push notifications to its iOS and Android email and text service

Fire out one million a month for free

Amazon adds push notifications to its iOS and Android email and text service

Amazon seems to be putting lots of important pieces into play.

There's rumours about an unconsole, not to mention its cross-platform Amazon Coins virtual currency.

And how it's announced it's added push notifications to its existing email and SMS service.

Called Amazon Simple Notification Service with Mobile Push, it's a cloud-based fully managed, cross-platform push notification service, which runs across iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices.

Nation of millions

It's free to use for existing Amazon Web Services customers, who can fire off up to one million notifications per month free of charge.

More notifications cost $0.50 per million sent and $0.50 per million delivered.

Amazon points to the advantage of being able to run such services across multiple platforms, without having to integrating platform-specific code.

Equally important, it can be used to send messages to individual users on specific devices as well as broadcast identical messages to many subscribers at once.

Keep it simple

"Many customers tell us they build and maintain their own mobile push services, even though they find this approach expensive, complex and error-prone," said Raju Gulabani, Amazon's VP of database services.

"Amazon SNS with Mobile Push takes these concerns off the table with one simple cross-platform API, a flat low price and a free tier that means many customers won't pay anything until their applications achieve scale."

You can find out more Amazon SNS with Mobile Push here.