Almost half of all gamers rely on friend recommendations for game discovery

GamesGrabr says traditional app discover is waning

Almost half of all gamers rely on friend recommendations for game discovery

A new study commissioned by the GamesGrabr social network suggests traditional methods of game discovery are waning as recommendations over social media gain more influence.

The study suggests 45 percent of player now seek out what games to play in their spare time not by searching app stores, but rather asking their friends.

Indeed, said 45 percent also chose taking to social media platforms for app recommendations over search engines - a fact which suggests that sites like Google might become less important to how games are discovered.

Peer reviewed

The study suggests that the rising prominence of social media needs to be factored in by developers working out promotion strategies for their titles, with GamesGrabr CEO Tony Pearce claiming friend recommendations represent the future of games discovery.

"Without doubt, we're now seeing a definite shift on how we find content," detailed Pearce.

"We now want content to be delivered to us rather than going to look for it, and we want guidance and recommendations from people we follow and our peers."

Self interest

Pearce's comments, of course, serve as a recommendation of GamesGrabr's own gaming social network, previously described by Pearce as a Pinterest for games.

The platform lets users showcase their favourite games via a "pinboard style social network", serving as what the company believes is a vital viral promotions tool for developers.

Those interested in learning more can visit the GamesGrabr social network to see how it plans to shake up traditional, search engine discovery.

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Matthew Diener
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