2XL Games brings BlackBox's Real Rewards system to 2XL ATV Offroad

Prizes and coupons on offer Lite version

2XL Games brings BlackBox's Real Rewards system to 2XL ATV Offroad

Releasing Lite versions of titles has been an accepted model app promotion on the App Store since day one, but 2XL Games has decided to put a unique spin on its recently released Lite version of 2XL Offroad Lite.

As well as giving players a taste of the main game, the developer has also embedded the Real Rewards system - created by programming specialist BlackBox Interactive - awarding successful racers with real-world prizes and coupons.

Though the prizes themselves haven't been unveiled, the developer is hoping the draw will be enough to instigate a download or two, as well as increase player retention.

Revolutionary rewards

"We think that BlackBox Interactive’s Real Rewards SDK will prove to be revolutionary for games," said 2XL president Rick Baltman.

"By providing a continuous stream of new prizes to give away, money-saving coupons to hand out, along with events and promotions to compete in, players are not only highly motivated to finish in first place, but they will want to keep playing to see what they can win next. This truly adds longevity to our games."

It certainly adds a new element to the standard demo model, the theory being that the kind of repeated play required to win the rewards will bond the player with the game, leading to a full purchase.

2XL claims the Real Rewards system also provides a full dynamic content engine, helping the game update the images and adverts around the track. The ads change to reflect the play, with changing content built right into the UI and 3D environment.

You can find out more about BlackBox at its website.