100 apps powered by Unity installed every second

CEO Helgason reveals the stats

100 apps powered by Unity installed every second

Around 100 apps powered by Unity are installed on mobile devices every second.

That's according to in-house stats revealed by Unity CEO David Helgason during his keynote speech at Unite in Vancouver, with such a rate equating to 10 million installs every day.

And that's only a conservative estimate, he suggested.

Millions and millions

"These numbers are only from the data shared with Unity," added Helgason.

"We give you guys the opportunity to opt in or opt out, so we don't have all the data."

As a result, he suggested, the true figure may be as high as 20 million Unity-powered installs a day, which he suggested may account for around 10 percent of all daily app installs.

What's more, things are only going to get better. Helgason said that Unity estimates that the yearly figure may come in at between 3.5 billion and 7 billion installs, though the exact figures aren't yet clear.

A real asset

Outside of the engine, Helgason also celebrated the success of the company's Asset Store, which he claims has fostered a community of 400,000 developers and 8,000 assets in all - "and we're getting more and more each day", he added.

Helgason on stage in Vancouver

The top seller on the Store, he said, is bringing in revenue of $90,000 a month. That's a rate that's leading to some choosing to make the Asset Store their main source of income.

"We're seeing some people quitting their jobs at big studios in order to go and make money working on selling assets on the Asset Store," he concluded.

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