NBA 2K Mobile: Three best ways to practice your game

NBA 2K Mobile: Three best ways to practice your game

Practice makes perfect

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NBA 2K Mobile is a game that continuously receives free upgrades every year, usually around the time of the release of the next console/PC version. Well, with NBA 2K22 now released, the mobile game was already into its new season, ready to go. 

The mobile game plays a lot like the "big" game's wildly popular MyTEAM mode, which lets you collect cards of NBA stars both past and present. You can then take your collection of ballers and head to the hardwood. It's essentially like fantasy basketball, only you play the matches. 

However, for players who maybe aren't comfortable with the controls yet, it's a good idea to practice the game a bit. Unfortunately (a bit surprisingly), NBA 2K Mobile does not have a dedicated practise mode where you can freely work on your game. And so, you'll have to make do with the resources you have and so, we've got a few tips that allow you to practice as best you can. 

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Shoot Around

NBA 2K Mobile

There's a mode called "Drills" in NBA 2K Mobile that's pretty hard to miss as it sits on the main menu. This mode provides a group of random drills you can play. Once you get through them, you'll be rewarded with a card pack, giving you more players.

One of the drills in the random rotation includes one that involves shooting. It's a timed drill so you can't play at your own pace, unfortunately. Instead, you need to go to each designated area and put up a shot and do so until the clock hits zero.

Despite the limitations, this is still a solid way to work on your shooting ability. Shot timing has played a critical role in the NBA 2K games for a very long time and it's no different here. You only have a short amount of time, but once you get through your drills, a new rotation will begin. If you don't see this drill in it, you use one of the in-game currencies to update the drill rotation until it includes the shoot-around.

2 on 2

Also found within the Drills game mode is another form of play. 2 on 2 lets you get a game in, but just a quickie that allows you to work on your game on both sides of the ball. The games go to 10 points and whoever has the lead by two at the end is the winner.

This is a small but great way to practice every aspect of your game like we eluded to. It's especially great on the offensive end if you can continue to score. It's a "make-it-take-it" format, so when you score, you'll get the ball back again until the other team recovers a missed shot or steals the ball from you.

If the ball is taken away, you can practice that defense. I will say, defense is a bit easier since you can lock onto your opponent by holding down one of the on-screen buttons. Getting your shot timing down is always important like we mentioned, and so this gives you a chance to shoot over defenders.

Playing Regular Season Games

Sometimes the best practice is playing an actual game. The good thing about regular-season matches in NBA 2K Mobile is that they've broken up by quarters. So, one quarter essentially counts as a game. Then the next quarter is the next game.

This is good since you aren't forced to play through the entire game in one go. You can practice what you learned, while also trying to lead your squad to victory. Each quarter is a few minutes, so you'll have just the right amount of time to show off your skills on the hardwood.

Once you're feeling good, you can really seal the deal in the final quarter. You'll be rewarded for your efforts with more cards you can add to your ever-growing collection. And seasons are pretty short too, so you should be able to get throw them in no time and start a new one right after.

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