Namco releases Games Portal discovery app

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Namco releases Games Portal discovery app
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Making the most of its brand, Namco Networks America has released its own iPhone game discovery app.

Called the Namco Games Portal, the free ad-supported app ships with five Lite versions of Namco games, as well as information and App Store links to a further ten titles.

The Lite versions are Pac-Man, Ace Combat Xi Skies of Incursion, Galaga Remix (and original), Dig Dug Remix (and original), and Time Crisis Strike.

Getting viral

It also contains Facebook Connect integration, and there's the option to input data such as age, nationality and sex to gain free wallpaper within the app. Presumably Namco will be using this to help decide how to develop the content offered via the app.

It says it will update the portal with new content, as well as using it to provide news about future releases.

With game discovery still a major issue on the App Store, such portals are a growing trend.

Recently Chinese developer Dreamsky released its iGameDock, which rotates three Lite games every two weeks, while promotional sites such as FreeAppADay and OpenFeint have also released apps to provided dedicated information.

You can find the Namco Games Portal here [iTunes Link]

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