MyTown hits 2 million users

Growth rate continuing at 500,000 new users a month

MyTown hits 2 million users
| MyTown

Responding to speculation about the size of its userbase following the launch of MyTown 3.1 earlier in the week, Booyah has revealed it has more than 2 million users signed up.

That's according to TechCrunch, which claims MyTown reached the landmark figure on Monday night.

In this respect, it would appear the app is continuing to enjoy the same kind of growth it enjoyed earlier in the year, its update rate sitting happily on 500,000 new users every month.

In comparison, TechCrunch reckons rival Foursquare has roughly 1.1 million users, Gowalla around 250,000.

As previously reported, the new version of MyTown comes with added focus on rogue check-ins, version 3.1 restricting its users to 25 check-ins per day and highlighting those made too far from the real location.

Booyah has already suggested another update will hit in June, with the possibility of relaxing said new measures a degree or two on the cards.

[source: TechCrunch]