Mobile games on Kickstarter trigger 'unbelievable backlash', says Mutant League Football dev

'Sunk' on day one

Mobile games on Kickstarter trigger 'unbelievable backlash', says Mutant League Football dev

Targeting mobile on Kickstarter is a tricky proposition to get right, and few know this better than the man behind Mutant League Football's unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign.

Michael Mendheim's ambitious Kickstarter raised just 19 percent of its $750,000 goal before the campaign ended in October 2013.

According to Mendheim, it was the 'unbelievable' backlash from the fan community against mobile platforms that ended Mutant League Football's run well ahead of the goal line.

If at first you don't succeed

Speaking to Joystiq, Mendheim said that he gathered "input from other developers and industry veterans" who suggested he focus his campaign on mobile platforms.

"So I led my Kickstarter campaign with mobile, and the backlash to that was just unbelievable," Mendheim said.

"We were sunk that first day."

Still, success might lie in managing one's parameters and expectations.

Mendheim plans to launch another Kickstarter campaign for Mutant League Football with a more modest funding goal and a PC-only scope.

In terms of Kickstarter success stories, $750,000 for a project is historically an ambitious sum.

Zombies, Run!
raised $72,627 from 3,464 backers and was named the biggest video game Kickstarter of 2011 - until it was dethroned by Double Fine's $3.3 million campaign for Broken Age, which also included support for mobile platforms.

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